We love London throughout the seasons, but once the New Year festivities have passed we often find ourselves at a low ebb. This year we’ve decided to take a tip from a nation who know a thing or two about surviving the darker, colder months with a smile: the Danes. Hygge, (pronounced “hoo-ga”), is Denmark’s unique approach to cosiness and happiness. It’s all about being kind to yourself, feeling good and surrounding yourself with positive things: what could be better? Candlelight is a big part of hygge, so we’re lighting things up with clusters of fragrant, glowing candles around the house. Lounge and bedrooms are being treated to cashmere throws, plump cushions and super comfy bedding, while bathroom hygge is enhanced with soft, fluffy towels. And we’re celebrating the simple pleasures… languishing in a scented bubble bath with a good book... a board game in front of an open fire… a great box set with a bowl of popcorn. Add good people, delicious food and drink… and let the hygge begin.