Award winning author, historian and consultant, Jane Pettigrew, is one of the world’s top tea
experts. Based in the UK, she travels the globe researching, exploring and sharing her knowledge
of tea. Jane has written 15 books on the many and varied aspects of tea, its production, history
and culture and in 2014 was voted Best Tea Educator at the World Tea Awards in California,
followed by Best Tea Personality and Best Tea Health Advocate in 2015. We caught up with Jane in
London to tell us more…

What makes tea so special?
Tea is such a timeless beverage. It lifts our souls and refreshes our bodies. It calms us and creates
a sense of contentment.

What are the latest trends?
All around the world, we are seeing a change in drinking habits – people are turning to more
aromatic, complex and deeply satisfying teas. I love companies such as yourselves, who are
using the tea plant in new ways; combining creativity and inspiration to create similar benefits
through home fragrance, bath and body products. I’m also seeing an increased appetite for
deeper knowledge about the subject of tea, both from professionals and tea lovers at home. My
“Tea Classified” and the “The Tea Sommelier Handbook” (which I co-wrote with Argentinian tea
specialist Victoria Bisogno) both help with this – covering everything from the history of tea to
sensory evaluation, tea cocktails and tea etiquette.

What do you think of our blends?
The aroma of Darjeeling is really excellent and takes me back to stepping into a Darjeeling tea
factory in the spring and breathing in all the fresh, fruity aromas. Effervescent and crisp, your scent
is light and deliciously aromatic, with a delicately zesty top end and a lingering, soothing warmth.

What effect does it have?
Fragrance has such a massive impact on the way we feel and this is my new favourite. Like the
beverage, it lifts my mood and makes me feel wonderful.


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