The Amazon region holds so many secrets, so much history and such ecological diversity: it has an energy all of its own. We flew into Manaus, the entry point to the Amazon, once the wealthiest city in the world it was famous for its rubber production. Manaus was the first city to have gas street lighting and although its grand architecture and opera house are still standing, it’s now rather dilapidated and faded. Here we boarded our charter and started our adventure down the Rio Negro. It flows as two rivers, a murky pink and dark brown, think of coloured oils that don’t mix. We floated through the tree tops, watched by hundreds of caiman crocodiles. It wasn’t long before we saw the very pink Amazonian dolphin. From the boat we fished for piranha which we barbecued later for dinner. We sent rainforest messages by hitting the roots of the telegraph tree. I was thrilled when I spotted a sloth climbing, oh so slowly – it was an incredible experience…..don’t forget mosi repellent !!!

I can’t wait to go back.


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