It’s a fitting motto for Argentina. With so many strange and otherworldly sights, friendly people, vast landscapes and unusual experiences, Argentina has been on our bucket list for a long time. Natural extremes combine with historical anomalies to make this a must-visit for any global explorer. So, with our thermals packed, we landed in Buenos Aires and headed to Patagonia. From the start the scenery was awesome. At the Perito Morino glacier we strapped on crampons, picked up axes and set off to climb on the huge chunk of ice. We could hear eerie creaks ….the sound of a glacier on the move. We visited an extraordinary village where everyone speaks Welsh! It was surreal. There we were, surrounded by Welsh-style knitted tea cosies and eating traditional scones in Argentina. It turns out the village had grown up from an early settlement of Welsh farmers.

You can’t visit Argentina without staying on an estancia: if you love riding as I do, it’s the place to be. We spent a few exhilarating days galloping around the vast grasslands with the local gauchos, feeling as free as a bird and dining around camp fires as the sun went down. Mate, the local leaf infusion is another must-try, but prepare yourself for the caffeine rush! This is where I discovered my love for quad bikes! The best mode of transport for a cliff top orca search. Seeing massive elephant seal in their natural habitat was memorable! if not for the stench they give off, for their size: some weigh twice as much as a Range Rover. If you love archaeology, fossils or dinosaurs drop in at Trelew’s Museum of Palaeontology – it’s fascinating


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