If you want to take a break from the real world, head to  Namibia. Here the landscape is so spectacular it’s like a piece of fantasy art. It’s a photographer’s paradise and that’s what we spent our time doing on a recent T on Tour trip, with every corner bringing new panoramic vistas  and geological wonders to capture….. black granite mountains, vibrant red sand dunes, white dunes with raspberry ripples and ancient camelthorn trees – incredible twisted shapes scorched black by the sun. We stayed at Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, set in one of the most remarkable locations we’ve ever visited, the Namib Nature Reserve. Built on the top of a dune with incredible views of the plains and mountains, the open-sided cabanas allowed you to enjoy the sun rise from your bed.  A dawn balloon ride gave us a sighting of the phenomenal “fairy rings” in the desert grasses and the oryx antelope toughing it out in the rising temperature. It all blows your mind and leaves you truly speechless. Colours, shapes, textures and wilderness: Namibia is a place that connects deeply, so grab your desert gear and book a ticket.


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