Feeling flat? On an endless cycle of work, commute and domesticity? Mix it up and inject a bit of
fun by heading into the great outdoors. We’re not talking hiking boots and rambling (but feel free
to!), it’s more about getting closer to the seasons and nature. It’s good for the soul and the brain
to get out there and experience the rush of the wind, the shade of a tree, the adrenalin of a
thunder storm. There are so many ways to beat the blues and put a little more happiness into
your day. Remember the joy of being drenched to the skin in a summer shower as a child? Get
out there and surrender to it occasionally. Wrap up and hit the seafront for a shot of energy. Ditch
the gym and go for a run. Swap the desk lunch for a park bench. Camping, beaching,
snowballing, rain dancing, star gazing, we guarantee you’ll feel better for it. And, if all else fails,
Korea’s Journal of Radiology reports on a study showing that even looking at images of nature
can make us feel happy. So if you can’t get out as much as you’d like, get a pic on your phone
homescreen now!


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