As much as we love the festive season here at T London, December is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year. With endless deadlines, Christmas shopping and a packed social diary, burning the candle at both ends is a saying that regularly springs to mind.

On top of this, manyof us are suffering with some sort of cold or flu and our bodies are more than ever, in need of a little TLC. The answer is really quite simple, run a bath!

Bathing dates back to the middle ages, with the Romans being the ones to really take it to the next level. They built huge bathing complexes that had under floor heating with a range of different temperatures, some of which are still standing today.Bathing was almost ritual like and just like the Romans we believe taking time out to run a bath a few times a week can really do wonders for the mind, body and soul, we even created a range of bath and shower products to help you achieve the ultimate zen whilst bathing.

As with all of T London’s  products our bath and shower collections are infused with active botanicals, essential oils and the highest quality ingredients, made to condition your skin, awaken your senses and give your body that much deserved TLC it’s been longing for.

If that doesn’t make you want to immediately submerge yourself  into a lovely warm bath then hopefully the extra health benefits outlined  below will!

1. You’ll get a good nights sleep!

A good night’s sleep is associated with a host of health benefits, from improving your immune system to better pain recovery, and a heated bath before bed is a great way to ensure that you drift off to sleep easily! Don’t pour your baths too hot as this can cause ‘heat stress’ to your body and always try to keep your bath under 30 minutes.

2. It’ll reduce your cold symptoms

 Colds are rife during this time of the year and a steamy bath can do wonders for cold sufferers. We can’t make the common cold vanish, but submerging yourself in hot water targets two different elements of cold-management: steam therapy and overall body temperature. Inhaling steam is the perfect remedy for stuffy noses and muggy heads, a warm bath will encourage your immune system towork better, helping it fight off viruses.

3. You’ll cleanse you skin

 Heat on the skin opens our pores, team heat with water and thats when the real magic starts to happen. Soaking in warm water will gently cleanse your skin and rid your pores of any toxins resulting in fresher and cleaner skin. Some do recommend showering before bathing to wash away any dirt  on the skins surface, leaving  the bath water cleaner and better for cleansing.Please do make sure any bubbles or washes you use in your bath contain natural and high quality ingredients, avoiding the nasty ingredients such as Parabens , SLS-SLES and artificial colours. T London’s bath and shower products are perfect for your bath/shower as they are infused with active botanicals, essential oils and the highest quality ingredients.

 4. You’ll feel better about yourself

 Life is full of stressful events, and submerging yourself into the arms of a hot bath can be just the thing you need to take some weight off your shoulders. Warm water also helps bring your heart rate down which in turn will encourage your body relax. It’s known that when we feel better physically, we become more confident in ourselves and more ready to face the challenges ahead. T London’s bath and shower collections  are the perfect ingredient to add to your bathing experience. With Darjeeling blended for positivity, Yerba Mate blended for focus and clarity and Dimbula blended for equilibrium – their aroma’s will not only enhance your mood but also give your skin that bit of extra luxury it deserves.


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